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Free Roaming with MultiIMSI™ TravelSIM - Coverage Over 135  countries
Now you can go abroad and make huge savings with the MultiIMSI TravelSIM. Our Roaming SIM offers huge savings compared to other mobile network operators like O2, T-Mobile, Virgin etc while making and receiving calls abroad. To see how much you can save , just click here for a rates comparison. •FREE incoming calls in many countries
•No hiddent costs
• Free Incoming Calls In100 countries
•Your credit never expires
•Works in all UNLOCKED GSM phones
•People calling the TravelSIM only pay the same rate as if they were calling a mobile phone in the UK!
Save upto 95% on your international mobile roaming bills with TravelSIM.

call conference

  • call access numbers those that start with 0870,0871,087,0844,0845,07452
  • call confrance allows you to call you family members inside uk and outside of the uk, you can also do a group call, all of our numbers have a limitation you are only aloud to use 2800 minutes a month. if you reach your limit your number will be suspended until the following month. if we notice that you are abusing our lines we will cancel your number without notification. you must have a tarriff to call 087 numbers. please check this with your providers. we are not reasponsible for any extra charges. 
  • we also have a daily limitation which is under 95 minutes if we notice that u use more than that we will suspend your number for 48 hours and after we will reactivate, but we will only reactivate it if the customer can give us a good reason to why they are over using the minutes per day.



Iraq asiacell  3p iraq korek 3p Iraq landline 0p, Iraq fanoos telecom 0p, Media telecom 0p

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